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Partnerland Mexiko Auditorium

Aguascalientes - Sei ein Teil davon

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Halle 27, Stand H30, Zentralstand Mexiko







Partnerland Mexiko


Partnerland Mexiko Auditorium


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Aguascalientes is Mexico’s driving force, its engine. Strategically located in Central Mexico, the most important economic area for industry and services, Aguascalientes stands out as the most  competitive State having the highest standards of living, innovation, growth, employment and investment attraction. Aguascalientes is always at the forefront of higher education, technology, IT infrastructure and innovation. Our people are educated and skilled, highly competitive and talented, and are available to all of the employers and new investors. We are connected by land, rail  and air; having full road connectivity to the three major Cities in Mexico. We are one of the best places to invest according to the World Bank’s “Doing Business” ranking, Aguascalientes has sound Public Finances, provides security to foreign investors and has social peace. We are open for business and eager to have you visiting and investing in Aguascalientes.

We are Aguascalientes. Be part of it!


  Ricardo Martínez

Ricardo Martínez

Minister für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung, State of Aguascalientes

Academic background:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting: Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law: Centro de Estudios ...

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