HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01.-05. April
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Germany-Singapore Business Forum 2018

Co-innovation for the industry of the future

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Global Business & Markets, Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives, Integrated Industry


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How powerful are open and collaborative innovation models in helping businesses expand existing markets and create new ones? How can companies in Germany and Singapore co-create winning solutions that will generate future revenue streams and sustained company growth?

This panel seeks to explore the following:

  • How innovation in the manufacturing and energy sectors is becoming increasingly important in the face of digitalization, technology disruption and regulatory change.
  • How companies in Germany and Singapore are riding the trend of open and collaborative innovation to jointly develop winning solutions.
  • How cross-border co-innovation can quicken the development of solutions.
  • What infrastructure is in place in Germany and Singapore to facilitate co-innovation, and how can businesses leverage on this to co-innovate and grow.


  Ted Chen

Ted Chen

Co-Founder and Chief Product Architect, Evercomm Uni-Tech

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  Rudolf Held

Rudolf Held

Vice-President, Head of Global Co-Innovation Hub, SAP SE

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 Dr. Alpesh Patel

Dr. Alpesh Patel

Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

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