HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20. - 24. April
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Co-Lab Stage

Enabling business growth through ecosystem collaboration

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Integrated Industry, Partnerland Schweden, Startups


Co-Lab Stage


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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, companies need to adapt. Leveraging on data monetization from connected products, data sharing among ecosystem participants to offer services in new ways and building on the value of collaboration will be key elements for success.

SEB and Husqvarna Group will showcase and talk about how they explore to find new digital business opportunities by building an ecosystem for the sharing economy and to support a more sustainable business. You will learn and see examples of how advanced technology including integrated financial services can make daily life convenient for the end consumer.


  Robert Pehrson

Robert Pehrson

Head of Business Development, SEB

Robert Pehrson is the Head of Business Development in Transaction Services at SEB, covering the areas of payments, cash management, trade finance and receivable finance. Prior to SEB he worked as a ...

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  Ulf Axelsson

Ulf Axelsson

VP Applied Digital Innovation, Husqvarna Group

Ulf Axelsson is VP Applied Digital Innovation in Husqvarna Group, with responsibility to establish a group digital service platform, digital eco-system exploration, new digital business models and AI ...

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