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Integrated Energy Plaza

Experience Exchange: Balancing the feed-in of wind and solar power what is needed

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Integrated Energy Plaza


Erfahrungsaustausch: Best Practice von Solarenergieprojekten weltweit


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The expansion of renewable energies worldwide is in progress. To reach the socially agreed climate protection target of Paris, a complete decarbonisation of the energy system with a total switch to Renewable Energies is necessary. To provide a high security of supply the energy systems need to combine the renewable energies with options to balance the feedin-in like batteries, Power-to-Gas or Biomethan. The development of those technologies will be pushed by the relevant framework conditions. Many realized and upcoming projects show that the companies have taken on the challenges and successfully offers important solutions for the worldwide energy transition. On April 26, 2018, innovators will present current projects on the Integrated Energy Plaza and discuss with market experts and the audience their public acceptance, how to improve the framework, how to organize the financing and the management. Share your experiences with us.


 Dr. Jörg Roth

Dr. Jörg Roth

Programmkoordinator, Paul Scherrer Institut

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