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Manage and control agile production systems with real-time insights

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Digital Factory, Industrie 4.0, Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives


Forum Automation


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Design and configure your flexible and adaptable manufacturing process flow. Distributed intelligence allowing more flexibility and scalability in your production system. Control the daily routines on the shop floor, predict and respond to events in real time. Smart workforce enabled with hands-free and heads-up intelligence. Digital systems for measurement and control in combination with real-time Business Context.


  Claudius Link

Claudius Link

Global Head of LoB Digital Manufacturing, SAP SE

Claudius Link is heading the SAP Line of Business Digital Manufacturing. He has responsibility for SAP’s Digital Manufacturing strategy supported by a global research and development organization ...

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  Joerg Minge

Joerg Minge

Business Operations, Development and Strategy, SAP SE

Business Operation, Development and Strategy Lead in the Digital Manufacturing Development Unit of SAP SE.

Prior to that, he spent 20 years in manufacturing consulting supporting SAP customers ...

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