HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01.-05. April
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Time Sensitive Networks - Where does the technology stand and what to expect

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Industrie 4.0


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Time-Sensitive Networks is driving a Industrie4.0 required convergence.  The technology is being integrated into Manufacturing automation and control fabric.  We can see it all over Hannover Messe.  But where does the technology stand and what’s still to be done. This paper will review the benefits and the current status of the technology; from IEEE standards through to automation and control application protocol adoption, such as OPC and others.  We will review the operational models being adopted and the key decisions being made about how to deploy and operate the technology. 

And the paper will close with a review of key work to be completed before we have a fully certifiable, adopted, integrated converging technology on which the Industrial Internet is based upon.


  Paul Didier

Paul Didier

Solutions Architect Manager, Cisco and Avnu Alliance

Paul Didier is an Solutions Architect Manager
for Cisco® System’s Kinetic Industry Products (KIP), an Industrial IoT platform. He is responsible for developing solutions for the Discrete ...

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