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15. Karrierekongress WoMenPower

WS31: Money for Nothing - How to kickstart your business with grants

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Arbeitswelt im Wandel, Karriere 4.0


15. Karrierekongress WoMenPower


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While Venture Capital Funding activity has declined, the importance of grants and publicly co-financed financial instruments is increasingly relevant for boosting early-stage startup scene. European and national funding landscape offers various financing options to bring startup ideas to market. Finding suitable funding can be a challenge as is meeting the eligibility thresholds.

Andra Larin (EY) introduces various funding possibilities and best practices on how to get from “idea to grant” and establish viable business models. Two start-up founders, Farina Schurzfeld (Selfapy) and Therese Köhler (HeyCater) tell about their personal experiences in the search for funding and investors. This interactive workshop combines theory and practice, allowing to address your questions on how to obtain public funding in Europe for implementing ideas, as well as provides an opportunity to test your innovation project idea’s suitability for funding.


  Andra Larin

Andra Larin

Senior Manager, Ernst & Young GmbH

Andra Larin is working with innovative and R&D intensive companies in developing the sustainable business models, in accessing private and public funding and leveraging available tax incentives. ...

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  Farina Schurzfeld

Farina Schurzfeld

Gründerin & CMO, Selfapy GmbH

Farina Schurzfeld ist Gründerin der Online Therapie Plattform Selfapy, die psychisch Erkrankten digitale Soforthilfe bietet. Sie lebte lange Zeit in Australien, wo Sie als Teil des Gründungsteams ...

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