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Automotive industry leads the way with smart factories

No other industry invests more in smart factories than car makers. This will pay off in increases in productivity in the billions by 2023, consultation firm Capgemini forecasts in a recent study.

12 May. 2018
Automotive industry leads the way with smart factories (Chart: Capgemini Digital Transformation Institut )

Capgemini expects increases in productivity of 160 billion US dollars annually for the automotive industry, should digital technologies be introduced across the entire production process. Automobile groups in France (63%), Germany (59%%) and Great Britain (56%) are already adapting their production. By the end of 2022, one in every four automobile plants is expected to be a smart factory.

For the study “Automotive Smart Factories: How Auto Manufacturers can Benefit from the Digital Industrial Revolution” , Capgemini surveyed a total of 326 managers in the automotive industry from eight countries between February 2017 to January 2018. This forecast coincides with the findings of a study by McKinsey , focused on the use of artificial intelligence in production and logistics of auto manufacturers . Consultants anticipate a reduction in costs of up to 61 billion US dollars with an increase in earnings of around 9%.