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CAD Schroer puts factory planning on a smartphone

Visualizing digital, CAD-based images of machines and factories requires a powerful IT infrastructure. The company CAD Schroers now aims to leverage a new solution to enable simplified representation on the smartphone – without complicated remodeling.

19 Sep. 2018
CAD Schroer puts factory planning on a smartphone (Photo: CAD Schroer GmbH)

Individual industrial plants or even entire factories are planned in a three-dimensional digital form today, for example to compare a planned project with the actual state during implementation or to present a production plant. This is based on 3D visualizations that make use of CAD models and enable both detailed illustrations and the depiction of complex relationships. Playback, however, requires a high-performance IT basis, while creating an additional version on mobile devices usually requires time-consuming remodeling.

As an alternative, the software company CAD Schroer from Moers has developed a new app for iOS and Android devices that simplifies factory planning on a smartphone or tablet: The program automatically processes 3D data from various CAD systems, optimizing them to be displayed on mobile devices. Automatic data compression algorithms allow loss-free visualization of the factories or machines. A VR glasses holder for smartphones facilitates virtual tours through the plants – including the simulation of movement sequences of the machines or of individual components.