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Lightweight Construction

Heavy duty panels become lighter

A Saudi Arabian company has developed novel panels for the construction industry that are significantly lighter as well as cheaper and more resistant than traditional planks and boards.

11 Aug. 2018
Heavy duty panels become lighter (Picture: SABIC)

The Saudi Arabian-based metals and chemicals group SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) has unveiled new heavy-duty panels for the construction industry with the product name STADECK. They are made of fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic and, according to SABIC, are up to 60% lighter than the wooden planks, boards and battens commonly used in construction. They are also up to 32% less expensive.

According to the manufacturer, STADECK panels feature high strength and excellent resistance to chemicals and weathering, while offering an anti-slip surface and high level of fire protection. They are certified according to NEN-EN 12811 1, making them particularly suitable for scaffolding. Possible applications include scaffolding planks, panel flooring, fencing, flood walls, docks, formwork and wheelchair ramps. The panels are also suitable for temporary installations such as stage coverings at events and festivals. As they are corrosion-free and moisture-resistant, they are considerably more durable than wooden planks.

SABIC offers the STADECK planks in various colors and patterns, including the wood, stone or grass look. The standard version is 55 mm thick, 230 mm wide and 3 or 6 meters long. The Group can, however, also supply other sizes.