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The project aims to increase the range of electrically powered vehicles, something that is urgently needed. This requires powerful, more durable batteries with less charging time and lower production costs and, preferably, an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manufacturing process. The industry fears a raw materials bottleneck as early as the battery production stage . After all, those who want to be active on the e-mobility market are currently working on new, better storage systems BMW , Fisker , Honda , Kreisel Electric , SK Innovation , Toyota , etc.). The reason is obvious: Increased range should give the inventor the decisive advantage.

With the GoForE project , Dr. Timo Sörgel and dr. Arndt Borgmeier from the Aalen University of Applied Sciences now want to apply a production process, which has been tested in the laboratory since 2014, had its performance continuously improved, and for which a patent has already been filed, to a larger pilot plant. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting the three-year project with around 1.4 million euros. Lithium-sulfur batteries can store significantly more energy than lithium-ion batteries. LiS battery cathodes are to be produced in Aalen by means of combined electroplating processes in just one pass. The battery is initially intended to supply the rapidly growing e-bike market.