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For cost reasons, continuous condition monitoring in production environments is typically only used for process-critical machinery. Meanwhile, up to 95 percent of units are either not monitored at all or are only checked using route-based, manual measurements. This prompted Schaeffler AG to make comprehensive and automated condition monitoring more cost-effective for maintenance professionals and plant operators. Its Schaeffler OPTIME system is an efficient, easy-to-use, low-cost condition monitoring solution for less process-critical units across entire fleets of machinery and equipment.

Schaeffler sees OPTIME as an easily scalable system that consists of wireless battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway and an app to visualize the analysis results. The data captured by the sensors is analyzed using specially developed algorithms that draw on Schaeffler's extensive storehouse of physical models developed over many decades and the condition monitoring experience it has built up through its bearing servicing operations. OPTIME is thus primed to provide an early warning of damage to monitored machine components several weeks in advance. The app clearly displays trends in graph form and shows the severity of incidents using traffic light colors, alarm states and other information. OPTIME also offers the option of grouping units according to requirements and presenting their condition in a range of views for the various user groups. What's more, the system is configured to ensure in-house maintenance crews and external service contractors receive specific recommendations on the action to take, helping them plan their maintenance measures, staffing requirements and spare parts procurement cost-efficiently and in good time.

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