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The World Bank publishes the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) , a global comparison of the respective countries' logistics infrastructure and efficiency, every two years. The data is based on an online survey of forwarding and express service providers, with the International Federation of Forwarding Organizations FIATA playing a supporting role. According to the 2018 index, Germany ranks first, topping the Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium in the 2014, 2016 and 2018 overall standings. Indicators for the ranking are the efficiency of customs and border clearance, the infrastructure of trade and transport, the handling of international deliveries, logistics competence and quality as well as tracking options and punctuality.

The LPI is part of the Connecting to Compete 2018 study , which provides an interpretation of the statistics. Not surprisingly, the highly developed economies also have the best logistics infrastructure, according to the study. The study names digitization, the sustainability of supply chains, the shortage of skilled workers and the influence of online retail on the demand chain as megatrends.