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American PC and printer manufacturer HP sees great potential for additive manufacturing in mass production and is thus expanding its printing offer to include metals. Metal Jet boasts a scalable construction space of 430 x 320 x 200 mm and should come in at a price under $400,000. Like the plastic printer Multi Jet Fusion, HP also uses a binder jetting process for their Metal Jet, which bonds the metal powder with a binder. This process is not new for metal 3D printing and is also used by the Bavarian company ExOne GmbH .

HP is currently collaborating with metal powder manufacturer GKN and with Parmatech , a MIM (metal powder injection molding) specialist, in the production of the first individual parts. A Metal Jet production service is planned as of 2019: customers put their 3D models online, they are then produced using Metal Jet, and are then delivered. Metal Jets should be delivered to the first selected customers, including Volkswagen , Primo Medical Group and Wilo , from 2020. According to HP, general delivery will begin in 2021.