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To help appliance manufacturers meet the growing demand for long-lasting low-power narrowband IoT modules, Gemalto (digital security expertise) and Huawei (connectivity expertise) are planning to work together more closely in the future. Huawei’s direct partner is the wholly owned semiconductor subsidiary HiSilicon . The goal is to develop a new generation of modules that are both safer and consume very little power. The press release relies on ABI research data according to which narrowband IoT chips will account for more than 20% of all module deliveries in 2021.

The strategic bundling of both companies’ competencies in the NB IoT segment is intended to facilitate the market launch of smaller modules with a longer service life (up to ten years) and lower costs. The cooperation aims to meet the requirements of industrial companies as well as those of device manufacturers and providers of professional IIoT services. In doing so, Gemalto is positioning itself as broadly a possible and has, for example, kept its recently launched SafeNet Data Protection On Demand security platform compatible with all the providers - including Huawei, Amazon Web Services, Dell EMC, Google, IBM and Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and Salesforce.