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With its new Predictive Process Control solution, nextLAP GmbH aims to contribute far more to the digital, automated control of industrial logistics and production than conventional ap-proaches to predictive maintenance are capable of. IP/1 not only facilitates monitoring of ma-chinery and equipment, but also analyzes entire production and logistics process chains with the aim of detecting and eliminating anomalies at an early stage. The software generates a data-driven, digital image of all processes in real time and autonomously identifies emerging prob-lems so they can be automatically counteracted if needed.

The program combines a wide range of information: from the current location of a vehicle and the production throughput of a specific machine to the installation date of a specific plant com-ponent. IP/1 uses algorithms specially developed by nextLAP, based on which the platform can make autonomous optimization decisions and apply them to the affected production and logis-tics processes. The success of predictive maintenance alone offers a similarly promising outlook for the more comprehensive Predictive Process Control. According to a PAC study , 83% of re-spondents are already planning to increase their investment in the digitization of maintenance processes to further improve their operational efficiency.