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AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Monitor SPM

It connects any pneumatic application to the Industrial Internet of Things to provide additional information regarding energy efficiency and predictive maintenance.

19 Apr. 2018
AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Monitor SPM

What’s new/innovative about it?

It is the first smart IoT connector for pneumatic applications.

Does the product have a USP?

The decentralized analysis of raw data to provide value added information is currently unique for the pneumatic pneumatic sector.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

Customers can increase the energy efficiency and the operational uptime of their application significantly by monitoring key indicators of the pneumatic application without having to involve their process controls.

Can these benefits be expressed in numbers?

Due to the ability to be integrated into virtually any pneumatic installation this is heavily depending on the application and can be significant.

In what way does the product contribute to integrated processes and/or Industry 4.0?

As an IoT connector for pneumatic applications it actively supports the ideal of fully IoT integrated smart components by utilizing open communication standards to communicate with all interested parties (people, things, processes).

Are there any other important points that you can think of?

For the Industrial Internet of Things it is of major importance for all players to support open communication methods and avoid proprietary solutions.


At HANNOVER MESSE 2019 you could visit AVENTICS on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more

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