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Kiel is conducting research into more powerful silicon batteries

Kiel University and RENA Technologies are developing anodes made of pure silicon in a joint research project. The project aims to develop powerful e-mobility batteries.

15 May. 2018
HMI-ID04-099br_Siekmann_Uni Kiel-01
Kiel is conducting research into more powerful silicon batteries for e-vehicles (Photo/Copyright: Julia Siekmann, Uni Kiel)

Longer duration, greater cruising range, shorter recharging processes – the performance of rechargeable batteries is crucial for expanding e-mobility. Silicon's enormous storage capacity gives it considerable potential, as it can store up to ten times more energy than graphite anodes in conventional lithium-ion batteries. The semi-metal is also found in almost unlimited quantities.

Silicon's mechanical instability has nevertheless made it very difficult to use for storage technology to date. A joint research project of the Kiel University (CAU) and RENA Technologies , funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to solve this problem. The team is working on anodes made of 100% silicon, whose storage potential is fully exploited thanks to targeted surface structuring at the micro level. The project's declared goal is to develop high performance silicon batteries that can be economically produced on an industrial scale.