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IBG Automation GmbH is an international company that designs and builds customer-specific production systems. It sees itself as a source of inspiration for the manufacturing industries, providing support with intelligent solutions and technologies. IBG has customers in many areas of business, including the logistics, pharmaceuticals and aviation industries.

One of the company's latest developments is an automated guided vehicle - AGV for short - which IBG calls its Factory Cruiser and regards as a real all-rounder. The AGV communicates autonomously with robots and automated systems to link complete assembly automation complexes. Incredibly adaptable to the space available and customer requirements relating to size and load, IBG's AGV is designed not only to serve as a highly flexible autonomous transport system, but also as a perfect advertising surface for digital signage aimed at specific target groups at events such as trade shows.

IBG Automation GmbH (58809 Neuenrade, Germany)
Website: www.goeke-group.com/en