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With the I4_Station Optimizer , connyun GmbH from Karlsruhe offers a comprehensive industrial IoT approach in the form of a software-as-a-service concept that enables the data-based optimization of digitized production processes. The services available include not only smart analytics capabilities for real-time monitoring and evaluation of key performance indicators designed to minimize machine and production cell downtime. Currently connyun is also developing a way to connect existing systems to an IIoT platform via Plug & Work - regardless of the various interfaces used in systems from a wide range of manufacturers.

The provider is also currently testing the use of a digital voice assistant: If connyun gets it way, Amazon's Alexa will also be deployed in digitized industrial environments in future. Linking the I4_Station Optimizer with Amazon Web Services allows the integration of a voice-based interaction interface for production staff. This would allow status queries or solutions to problems as well as other reports to be issued via a direct dialogue with the machines or the IIoT platform in the future. The development of intuitive user interfaces is gaining momentum in the context of Industry 4.0: among other things, the development and use of Alexa skills for a smarter storage system was discussed at this year's software developer conference Building IoT.