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Has bending tubes accurately ever been an easy task? As managing director at transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH, Stefanie Flaeper knows more than anyone that tube bending is becoming increasingly complex, while subsequent costs need to be kept to a minimum. "It isn’t only about implementing technical efficiency in processes or machines anymore," explains Flaeper. "More than anything, the increased demands on new products also have to be met here. Setting time efficiency and precision aside, the solution should, of course, be controllable." With this in mind, the engineers at the Schmallenberg-based company set to work on developing the t bend DB 40120-CNC-VE tube bending machine – and the tube bending specialists are proud to be presenting the results at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

The new DB 40120-CNC-VE from transfluid Maschinenbau GmbH is equipped with two tool levels so that the clamping pieces can be changed automatically up to eight times, making it possible to achieve even the most complex tube geometries in a single process. This tool mounting system is exceptionally efficient, ensuring that subsequent costs are kept to a minimum. "In particular because the diameters are relatively similar and radii are very narrow at 1 x D, only the course geometries really change in new products. This means that only new clamping elements need to be used," explains Stefanie Flaeper. To implement particularly narrow radii at low wall thicknesses, the new DB 40120-CNC-VE has an additional pusher device that can accurately guide the last bend, even when the remaining length is especially short.