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In its study , the Information Service Group (ISG), a consulting and market research firm, examined 25 IoT providers in three market sectors, which were “consulting and services,” “managed services and solutions”, and “smart building and infrastructure”. According to the study results, businesses are mainly using these services for IoT-controlled analyses and other IoT tools at the moment. But the manufacturing and automobile industries are spearheading the services’ use. They are using networking to build solutions for vehicle maintenance, infotainment, assistant systems, and communication between vehicles, for example. The analysis also noted an increasing interest in IoT use in smart city projects. However, many cities are lacking the resources to implement IoT solutions, which presents an obstacle.

A study from Crisp Research and Lufthansa Industry Solutions has addressed the question of whether it is better to develop these IoT solutions in-house or procure them externally. Most of the 129 decision-makers who were surveyed preferred a mix. Existing technologies are often used, but they are then customized and further developed.