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Particular attention is being paid to "Connectivity+". At the heart of this technological trend, the Technology Group sees fundamental requirements for the connectivity of the future as a necessary and unifying element. Ethernet has become the most important communication standard in industrial automation. With rising transmission rates, space-saving infrastructure, and new physical layers such as Single Pair Ethernet, IP-based networks are now also conquering the last remaining field-level areas. "With Connectivity+, we are driving the development of innovative solutions forward for our customers, setting industry-wide standards via active committee work and bringing new technologies to market maturity in strong collaborations," stressed Ralf Klein, Managing Director HARTING Electronics.

The energy storage market has evolved extremely quickly over the last few years. Sustainable use of renewable energies can only be achieved through energy storage systems, as they enable time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the power produced by renewable energy. Connectors speed up the assembly and operation of energy storage systems based on battery modules.