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In terms of basic physical parameters, damping technology essentially transforms kinetic energy into heat. However, this seemingly straightforward process is only half the story. In fact, damping solutions make machines faster, quieter, lighter, more efficient and more durable – and thus more competitive and profitable. Crucially, machines equipped with damping technology are also safer. The German division of internationally renowned damping technology specialist ACE (established in Langenfeld in 1978) is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 with an extraordinarily extensive portfolio of industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology, including its ingenious safety innovations.

This special line of ACE products is designed to safely slow down the potentially damaging forces of moving loads and, when it comes to the crunch, activate emergency braking if need be. ACE offers an astonishingly wide range of safety shock absorbers, profile dampers and clamping elements, with each safety component specifically developed for a precise application. This meticulous design process is particularly crucial in emergency stop functions. Given the protection they deliver, ACE safety solutions are exceptionally cost-effective, and are easy to integrate into existing designs in almost every conceivable application. What’s more, they are extremely low-maintenance and generally do not even require their own energy supply.