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Contactors are electrically or pneumatically activated switches used for high electrical ratings and are similar to a relay. They therefore play a key role in a number of different areas. Schaltbau GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to exhibit its solutions for safety applications and is unveiling its innovative patented arc extinguishing technology for switchgear, which is also used in products such as the CT power contactor series. Other exhibits include snap-action switches with extremely low failure rates and connectors that transmit energy and signals even in the most hostile conditions.

Thanks to its CT power contactor series and patented arc extinguishing technology, Schaltbau GmbH can ensure genuine equipment safety. The innovative technology effectively stops contacts from welding together or burning and thus prevents the total destruction of equipment as a result. The power contactors are designed for nominal operating voltages from 1.5 to 3 kilovolts and continuous currents up to 1,100 amperes. Provided the latest standards are met, UL approvals are now also available for selected CT contactors. They are used in inverters for energy storage devices and PV systems, test rigs in the automotive industry and fast charging stations for electric buses.