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Z LASER GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of laser sources for use in lasers and laser projectors as positioning aids, lasers for image processing and custom laser solutions. Customers from the wood, stone, metal, textile and automotive industries the world over put their trust in the company's products. Z LASER is always open to their wishes and needs, which is also reflected in the most recent product developments and innovations that its management is currently unveiling in the ZD laser series. Some 20 years after their original market launch, the lasers in this popular range are now also available with a green diode.

The ZD 520 green positioning laser is a mini laser module that gives users the option to project lines, points or crosses. Variants with optimized fixed focus or a special OEM cable are also available. Measuring just eleven millimeters in diameter, the ZD 520 green is a highly versatile solution that is sure to be embraced by the textile, metal, wood and health care equipment industries in particular. Since it casts a smaller spot of light, this laser module is particularly well suited for high-precision machining applications or patterns and provides users with outstanding visibility. "For years, we've noticed a high demand for an affordable, small green laser module that can be easily integrated into work processes. The ZD 520 green is the perfect solution for this, and we're delighted to be able to satisfy this need. We're more than happy to answer specific inquiries in detail and talk to customers one-on-one, if they wish!" says Stefan Frei, head of sales for positioning lasers at Z LASER GmbH. In terms of looks, this solution is no different from the standard red modules, with identical housing diameter and length. The black, two-core cable with a Texas connector or open leads is still used as the standard connection. However, there is a difference when it comes to the power supply, with the green ZD offering a wide input range of 5 to 24 volts DC. This means the same model can be operated either with a WPSB power adapter, an external battery or direct 24 volt machine voltage and integrated into existing manufacturing environments.

Z LASER GmbH (79100 Freiburg, Germany)
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