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With the help of sensors, LEDs and other components, the floor eliminates the need for fixed markings on the ground, supplies machines and equipment with energy and transmits information and media to them. The floor is an infrastructure platform for the factory of the future and is based on the idea of the management shell.

Engineers can now transmit up to three kilowatts of power to systems via the floor and save on long cabling runs – do we need even more power? Theoretically, this would be conceivable (10 kilowatt modules are being planned), but users do not move such large systems so quickly. The system guides the person through red and green LED zones, shows walkways, adjusts them, warns if the loads are too heavy, visualizes blocked-off and danger zones. or marks the material flow for the person.

The vision: During the night, the company receives a new order. The factory recalculates the production – the value stream – for this. Machines are moved by AMRs, resupplied with power from the floor, walkways and logistics areas are automatically readjusted, and in the morning, when the workers start their shift again, every employee knows immediately what to do next.