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On October 1, 2017, the Siemens Mechanical Drives unit started operating as "Flender GmbH, a Siemens Company", a name that will only be new to industry outsiders. "Flender is our strong brand with a tradition more than a century old, and we’ve always done business under the name. At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, we highlighted Flender even more brightly, and already made quite a splash with our stand-alone trade fair stand for gear units and couplings. Eventually all the unit's activities worldwide will be gathered under Flender," says Stefan Tenbrock, CEO of Siemens Mechanical Drives. "It's an important step in our transformation into a stand-alone firm under Siemens AG, acting as a market leader for our customers worldwide and thinking like a mid-sized company." Gears for wind turbines will also be part of Flender business and will continue to form part of the successful "Winergy" brand.

However, it isn't just the company name that is getting a makeover. The coupling pioneer has brought one of its classics bang up to date with a view to making engineering work even more straightforward. Engineers who need a simple, secure and torsionally rigid solution for connecting together the ends of two misaligned shafts have - for five decades - been turning to all-steel disc couplings from Flender. Over all that time and in a whole host of industrial applications worldwide, these Arpex couplings have been safeguarding the durability that is expected of reliable, high-performance products. Now, Flender has used its extensive experience to make these connectors even better. The fruits of the company's labor were first unveiled at HANNOVER MESSE 2017, under the name N-Arpex, and deserve a closer look, particularly from an engineering viewpoint. Unlike in the past, there is now a single standard series that will meet the high requirements of industry, including API 610, API 671 and ATEX. Instead of having 42 sizes spread over three series, there are now 14 sizes and just one standard series to cover the same spectrum.

Flender GmbH, a Siemens Company (D-46395 Bocholt)