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Reflecting its international footprint as a manufacturer of components for hydraulic lines, the Stauff Group has been investing in new tube bending centers at various locations around the world - such as at Stauff UK in Sheffield, where the company has been routinely designing complex line systems and preparing tubes for 30 years. After equipping its subsidiaries in Russia, India and Brazil with high-tech tube bending machines in recent years, Stauff turned its attention to a new center in the United States at the start of 2019. Its companies in Italy, China, Korea and Australia also offer various tube preparation services, some for a number of years now. The capacity in Russia is currently being expanded even further, while more manufacturing sites in Europe and Asia are already being planned.

This is all clear evidence of Stauff’s firm commitment to the continuous development of its "Stauff Line" concept of scalable hydraulic line services. "We are helping OEMs eliminate further complex steps from their manufacturing processes by integrating connection-ready tubes into prefabricated assemblies in more and more countries," says Jörg Deutz, CEO of the Stauff Group. The tube bending systems in question can shape tubes in all popular materials and designs, with diameters ranging from 6 to 50.8 mm and wall thicknesses of 1 to 4.5 mm, into highly complex forms. Components such as nuts and cutting rings can be mechanically assembled and tube ends prepared for fitting connectors by means of flaring or forming. Other steps include welding or soldering connecting parts and subsequently coating or surface-finishing them, as required. Further system components, such as clamps, flanges, valves, manifolds, etc. - all developed and manufactured in-house - are also pre-assembled on Stauff's own machines. To round everything off, the pre-prepared tubes are combined to form assemblies and modules and then mounted onto shadow boards or A-frames for delivery to the machine and plant builder's assembly line.

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