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Anyone wishing to install photovoltaic systems for long-term, safe and efficient operation should familiarize themselves sufficiently with the systems available on the market. The area of connection technology in particular harbors numerous potential sources of error. A suitable connector system is of great importance here - and of course the right tools. As a renowned brand manufacturer, JOKARI from Ascheberg in Westphalia offers professional tools for almost all areas of application with which cables can be processed easily, quickly and precisely. With very few exceptions, JOKARI tools from the areas of cable cutters, wire strippers and strippers have TÜV and GS test seals.

For the photovoltaic systems mentioned above, JOKARI has now developed its tried-and-tested PV-Strip 2.5-62 into the Pro version, which is fully tailored to the new generation of PV connectors. Instead of relying on connector systems that require a crimp during cable preparation, as has long been the case, systems are now used that only require the solar cable to be stripped and the contact is then made using spring technology. The new JOKARI PV-Strip Pro therefore enables fast and precise stripping of solar, safety and energy cables from 1.5-16 square millimeters (16-6 AWG). The length stop can be adjusted with millimeter precision from five to 26 millimeters to suit any solar connector. The four-chamber system of the PV-Strip Pro ensures easy handling and clear allocation of the cross-sections. The low weight and ergonomic shape should also ensure effective use and enable good power transmission even in challenging areas of application, for example on the roof. The tool, which is equally suitable for left and right-handed users, also has an additional blade for making a longitudinal cut.