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Based in Haar in Bavaria, the industrial data intelligence group Softing Industrial delivers solutions for all production, manufacturing and maintenance managers looking to make their production systems more efficient. The dataTHINK analytics solution for data-based production optimization that the company is showcasing at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 is designed to help users overcome unsolved problems, minimize wastage and maximize system performance. And of course, optimizing production also means optimizing revenue and costs.

dataTHINK processes production data on site in real time, ensuring immediate insight into system performance as well as maximum security. "Despite assurances from service providers and other organizations, many decision-makers are still not comfortable with the idea of transferring their data to a cloud," explains Peter Seeberg, Business Development Manager at Softing Industrial. "Instead, using an edge solution for field devices and machinery keeps the data within the system so that it is collected and processed at the same location. This removes the need for additional security precautions."