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Plümat is a global manufacturer of machines and systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Through the introduction of PARTsolutions from Cadenas , the company is hoping for a significant acceleration of the preparation and set-up phase for machines in advance of part production. As a component of PARTsolutions, the GEOsearch geometric similarity search system is able to identify similar and identical components automatically. If, before manufacturing of a new object begins, the program identifies similar components that have already been produced in the past, it suggests suitable machines and provides information about setting them up and about the CNC program on the basis of existing data from previous orders.

The smart identification solution thus makes it possible to dispense with time-consuming manual planning and setting up in many cases. In addition, PARTsolutions works with both the SolidWorks CAD solution and the PLM software from keytech . With its classmate FINDER, simus systems already offers a similar solution for automated geometric similarity searching.