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Delta, one of the world's leading providers of energy and thermal management solutions, has launched the SLIM 100 charging station, a new, highly efficient DC compact station with a robust and, above all, compact design. Commenting on the product launch, Vincent Lin, Senior Director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions Business Development, Delta EMEA, said: "The popularity of electric vehicles is on the rise as motorists are gradually realising their performance, sustainability and environmental benefits. Nevertheless, the available space for new charging infrastructure to be installed is limited, especially in cities. The SLIM 100 model provides an answer to the growing need for powerful yet compact charging stations that meet the requirements of a wide range of user applications where space is limited."

Efficient charging service and full ecosystem integration

The SLIM 100 can charge up to three vehicles simultaneously. Two charging ports are available for DC fast charging up to 100 kilowatts (50 kilowatts twice) and one charging port for AC charging up to 22 kilowatts. The dynamic power allocation optimises the charging time for users and thus enables an increased throughput of vehicles. In view of dramatically rising energy prices in Europe, the high peak efficiency of more than 96 percent is also of particular importance. But that's not all: by integrating it into a higher-level load management system, it should be possible to achieve further savings potential at site level. For this purpose, the SLIM 100 charging station has an integrated Modbus TCP interface and a function for providing reactive power. For the particularly tech-savvy: The SLIM 100 supports OCPP 1.5S/1.6J including web socket and TLS. The connection to external back-end systems can be flexibly made via modem (2.5G/3G/4G) or Ethernet. Furthermore, a dual modem connection is available for simultaneous access via CPO and service backend. Autocharge (MAC-based authentication) and Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118-2 are also supported.

Economical in terms of space and flexible in terms of installation

The real special feature, to which it owes its name, is the compact design of the Slim 100. Unlike most fast charging stations on the market, the model requires significantly less space. And Delta's SLIM 100 is also frugal when it comes to installation, which means that project planning and installation costs can be reduced overall. The low weight of just 200 kilograms facilitates both transport and handling on the construction site. This ensures that the SLIM 100 can also be installed in places that are inaccessible to heavy equipment. The manufacturer has also thought of something with the height of only 160 centimetres: as this means that no building permit has to be applied for in cities, the planning phase is significantly shortened.

The end user has also been considered

The SLIM 100 also offers the user contemporary user-friendliness and additional comfort functions. For example, the charging station has various authentication options such as credit card, OCPP and RFID reader. In addition, an integrated seven-inch LCD display shows all information relevant to the charging process for the user. Thanks to its weatherproof and vandal-proof housing (IP55/IK10, display IK08) and a wide temperature range of minus 25 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, the SLIM 100 functions just as reliably in outdoor areas as in protected environments. Moreover, the side access enables installation in close proximity to walls or other obstacles. The deep arrangement of the user elements in accordance with the specifications of DIN 18040 allows barrier-free use of the charging station - and of course the SLIM 100 also meets all the requirements of the German calibration law.