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The future standards for highly automated driving are currently being advanced in national and international working groups, in publicly and privately funded projects as well as in open working groups. To ensure that they are developed in a reliable manner, some working groups want to transfer the rights to the specifications they have developed to the professional standardization organization ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems).

This has already been done with the OpenDRIVE standard for simulation; in the future, it will be further developed under the name ASAM OpenDRIVE. The standard defines a data model for the highly accurate, logical description of road networks. It ensures the functional protection of driving situations and driving maneuvers and is used in vehicle and traffic simulation. The OpenCRG standard for describing road surfaces and the OpenSCENARIO standard for describing driving maneuver and dynamic environmental situations are next in line. Their transfer to ASAM is nearing completion.