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Companies often struggle to get a grip on their website portfolio. Building up a large number of websites and domains for different brands in different countries over the years has sometimes led to it becoming unmanageable. The Nixon platform from the Dutch startup of the same name is now designed to help companies explore and control their website portfolio.

By integrating into existing systems and using the platform's innovative Deep Asset Discovery technology, Nixon aims to find more than 20 percent of the websites and domains that companies think are registered to them and in circulation. According to Nixon, this knowledge is key to efficiently managing corporate websites on the one hand, but also - and perhaps more importantly - to optimizing data protection and security programs on the other.

Basically, Nixon is like the most enthusiastic website visitor in the world, is how the young company from Alkmaar describes its platform. Nixon records everything that can be "seen". This gives users an insight into what is happening in their portfolio. They can find out which domains are registered and which of them are actively used, which technologies are used where, where all websites are hosted, whether website hygiene rules are being adhered to and where data protection and security measures are failing.

The Nixon platform streamlines the process of identifying and delegating website portfolio issues by assigning them to the appropriate people or departments based on predefined rules. This decentralized approach reduces the burden on central teams and increases efficiency. The platform also supports integration with tools such as ServiceNow, JIRA, Slack and Teams, which should enable a smoother workflow. By engaging the right people and creating accountability, it improves the operation and management of online assets, making it an important tool for improving an organization's web presence.