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According to a press release by the Photoindustrie-Verband (PIV), modern industry is increasingly turning to automated image processing technologies. Sales in the industry doubled between 2005 and 2015. With the use of appropriate imaging systems in machines and robots, Industry 4.0 will ensure a renewed boost in demand and growth. Because cameras and analysis software are becoming ever more powerful, while the systems required for data processing are becoming ever more compact, demand is growing steadily.

In the industrial context, imaging technologies are currently used primarily for quality control, and the combination of the evaluation programs with artificial intelligence allows faster problem detection on the basis of self-learning systems. Moreover, quality control is also suitable for linking to predictive maintenance solutions. The optics used automatically checks compliance with certain manufacturing tolerances, by means of 3D object detection and indicates whether maintenance measures are required for a system or machine. An additional camera detection of the infrared range is suitable for conclusions about certain chemical properties. Especially collaborative robots rely on the use of precise and high-resolution cameras. With the Ensenso X camera system , IDS Imaging recently introduced a solution focused on this particular field.