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Logistics 4.0

Toshiba presents an AR-based order picking solution

Toshiba is extending the functions of the dynaEdge-DE-100 data glasses to include xPick from Ubimax. The pick-by-vision order pricking solution is intended to help optimize logistics processes.

25 Jul. 2018
Toshiba presents an AR-based order picking solution (Photo: Toshiba & Ubimax GmbH)

With the dynaEdge DE-100 , Toshiba has been offering companies a Windows 10-based wearable for industrial applications for some time. The monocular smart glasses solution is intended, in particular, to make logistics processes more efficient and enhance productivity. Now the manufacturer is integrating a new pick-by-vision function in the form of xPick from Ubimax , which is intended to optimize order picking processes and incoming and outgoing goods handling.

The extension of the functions of Toshiba’s AR (Augmented Reality) data glasses makes it possible to display information and instructions directly in the user’s field of vision. Other modules allow weight checks, barcode scanning and localization of objects. The additional information should help to minimize errors and accelerate all order picking processes. Toshiba is currently working hard to promote acceptance of wearable technologies in the modern Industry 4.0 context. With this in mind, the company already announced a global strategic partnership with the software provider Ubimax in the first quarter of 2018, which is now manifesting itself in the release of additional functions for the augmented reality system.