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Business psychologists to sort it out

There is a need not just for technical skills but for psychological competencies as well, to adapt organizational structures and corporate culture to the requirements of digitalization. This is the aim of a new study in Freiburg.

14 Aug. 2019
Business psychologists to sort it out (Photo by Deutsche Messe)

The overall orientation of company structures to the demands of digitalization requires more than specialists for the implementation of advanced technologies. This is why the Freiburg Academies of Business Administration and Public Management (VWA) want to train economic psychologists , who will help companies better adapt their HR policies and management and organizational structure and culture to the digital transformation.

The combined academic and on-the-job Bachelor’s degree course will begin in November 2019. The economic psychologists that will emerge from it are intended to act both analytically and empathetically and to create flexible and efficient structures in companies to increase the employees’ motivation and performance. According to a study carried out by the Employers’ Associations for the Metalworking and Electrical Industries in Bavaria , the development of the right kind of organizational structures within companies forms a key cornerstone for the success of digitalization.