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Industrial Transformation

Car manufacturers do not like to join partner ecosystems

Although innovative technology companies have long been making headway into the core areas of the automotive industry, more than half of the manufacturers believe they can compete with the startups on their own.

18 Dec. 2018
Car manufacturers do not like to join partner ecosystems (Picture: McKenzie and BearingPoint Ecosystem survey)

This emerges from a study by the consulting firm Bearing Point . One of the reasons for optimism is that half of the automotive companies surveyed in Europe, Asia and the United States have a clear digital strategy and are already implementing it. According to the consultants, although many of them also recognize the need to work with partners, they often live in the past: "They cling to a world in which a walled company site protects innovations against the competition," explains Matthias Loebich of Bearing Point.

As a result, only 48% of car manufacturers surveyed believe they need to build up and manage a partner ecosystem to be successful. One possible obstacle could be their own brand strategy: 70% stated that the complexity of such ecosystems could confuse consumers about the brand. 57% also complained that it was difficult to find the right technology for managing a partner ecosystem.

However, according to the consulting company Horváth & Partners , ecosystem innovations benefit all stakeholders, including customers. Key innovation management questions must first be answered when developing such a system, including those about the robustness of the current business model and suitable partners for the target customers.