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Employees are taking digitization (too) lightly

Is digitization nothing but hype? This is what management consultancy Deloitte asks in the light of the findings of its latest analysis. Employees apparently underestimate the effects of digitization.

08 Jan. 2019
Employees are taking digitization (too) lightly (Photo: Deloitte European Workface Survey)

Deloitte surveyed about 15,000 employees in Europe for the analysis. According to the study titled „The Voice of the Workforce“ , employees tend to have a rather relaxed attitude towards digitization. For example, 75% of the 2,000 employees surveyed in Germany hardly fear any negative effects. And why should they? After all, 50% feel well prepared for demographic and technological change. The consultants nevertheless see the responses critically: they believe the respondents have a false impression of both the development's dynamics and their own abilities. Only 2% expect their job to completely disappear in the next decade. Numerous forecasts nonetheless expect a significantly higher rate . And only 18% of respondents see significant new requirements coming their way.

According to the study, employers, on the other hand, can hardly motivate their workforce with money alone. Job security is a high priority for employees, just as a positive working environment, supportive management and a "clear direction". The researchers nevertheless also have positive developments to report: older employees seem to be ever more willing to accommodate companies. According to the study, 40% can imagine continuing to work after reaching retirement age, thus alleviating the shortage of skilled workers.