HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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in-GmbH manages an entire model factory remotely

To demonstrate the potential for added value that fully automated production has to offer, the integrated business process specialist has shown how a factory can be controlled remotely, by linking an IoT platform with machine-learning technologies.

10 May. 2019
in-GmbH manages an entire model factory remotely (Photo: in-GmbH)

The demo, at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE, attracted lively interest from the show’s industry visitors. In its demo, in-GmbH, from there at the trade show in Hanover, remotely monitored and controlled a model factory at its site in Constance. The concept is based on linking fully networked production with the ‘sphinx open online’ IoT platform – run on an edge device – that provides client devices with data and controls equipment. Logistics processes within the production facility are automated through the use of robots and conveyor belts.

Thanks to the connection to the cloud, various current production conditions and parameters can be called up via a GUI, which includes an optional voice control function. ‘Model in the Middle’ software provides machine-learning functions: The program works independently, based on previously acquired data, assumes monitoring tasks, evaluates information, and makes predictions so as to intervene in production autonomously. For this purpose, networked digital twins of various system components, for instance, are used as the link between real and digital production .