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Vienna University of Technology believes that it has to date been difficult to satisfy all the technical needs of industry at once. One example here is stereolithography (SLA), a process by which liquid resin is selectively solidified. The materials used are, however, brittle and unable to maintain their form well at high temperatures. Innovative resins from spin-off Cubicure aim to resolve such problems, whereby the solution lies in the processing temperature: In SLA, the areas to be solidified are processed using a special laser; this triggers a chemical reaction, which solidifies the resin in the right places. Cubicure enables this process to take place at temperatures of up to 120 °C, thereby also enabling the use of highly viscous special resins. Hence the name: Hot Lithography . As a result of this process, the resins are hard, heat-resistant up to 75 °C, and shock-resistant.

The company sees great potential for the use of this process in sectors such as car manufacturing, aerospace, the electrical and electronics industry, and mechanical engineering. Cubicure will be co-exhibiting the technology with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce at the Hannover Messe 2018, in Hall 5, Stand D18 . Other providers are also working to optimize 3D resins. In 2017, for instance, Hennef-based company DruckWege launched its own UV-sensitive synthetic resin on the market. This resin is tailored to DLP light sources and, according to the manufacturer's specifications, enables “ultra-fast” hardening processes of 5 to 6 seconds for layers of 150 μm.