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Despite the arrival of Industry 4.0, there are still plenty of sectors where components are screwed together by hand. In shipbuilding, wind power systems and the rail and automotive sectors, there are always plenty of these screw fixings that stubbornly refuse to come undone. Mechanics all have their own special tricks for getting to grips with stuck screws – and one of the most popular is to apply heat. The BETEX iDuctor that Dutch company BEGA International is unveiling at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 heats metal parts in a very simple and accurate process.

As its name implies, the BETEX iDuctor uses induction technology to heat all kinds of metal parts, without contact or flames. Whether small drive components, bearing housings, nuts, bolts, pipes, screws or other small surfaces – the machine heats them until they glow red, if required, in a matter of seconds. The user-friendly, handheld BETEX iDuctor features overload protection and its power can be adjusted steplessly according to requirements. The iDuctor is supplied in a handy plastic carrying case complete with a two-meter-long flexible inductor and a pair of heat-resistant gloves.