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The new automation platform boasts an open, app-based software architecture. The concept is comparable to a smartphone, which can be adapted to requirements by installing apps. With the new ctrlX automation system from Bosch Rexroth, the functions can also be adapted to the respective use by installing relevant motion control, PLC control, and IoT gateway apps. Since each application runs with limited rights in a sandbox, individual apps are unable to paralyze the entire system.

The hardware required is the same on all platforms. The system can be run on an embedded PC (ctrlX Core), industrial PC (ctrlX IPC), and directly in the drive (ctrlX Drive). The operating system is a Linux version of Ubuntu. Thanks to a central data exchange (ctrlX Data Layer), the individual apps can communicate in real time, even across multiple devices. In addition to conventional programming in accordance with PLCopen, IEC 61131, and G-Code, advanced programming languages such as C++, script languages such as Python, and graphical languages such as Blockly can also be used to program the relevant apps. The controls should be available in time for the SPS 2019 trade fair in November.