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The consulting firm Capgemini surveyed almost 1,000 industry and telecommunications managers in twelve countries for the “ 5G in Industrial Operations ” study. Approximately two-thirds of the industrial companies surveyed intend to use 5G within the first two years of it becoming available. Companies in Germany are somewhat more hesitant: while only 49% are prepared to jump on the bandwagon in the first two years, 28% nevertheless also plan to apply for their own licenses for the industrial use of 5G.

The digital association Bitkom also recently conducted a representative survey of 505 German industrial companies on the topic of 5G. Both reports indicate that large companies are particularly interested in the technology. While only 49% of industrial companies with over 50 employees reported to Bitkom that the future availability of 5G was important to them, the rate for corporate groups with over 2,000 employees was 66%.