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ZELTWANGER Automation has secured a prestigious market position thanks to its flexible modular assembly and inspection systems, which are custom designed. At the heart of the company's portfolio right now are manually interlinked one-piece-flow line concepts and ergonomic standalone workstation systems. These are flanked by fully automated workpiece carrier- and robot-based assembly systems that offer solutions for customer-specific requirements. The company also supplies leak testing systems, modular assembly systems, pin placement systems and polishing machines for ceramic substrates. Over the past two years, ZELTWANGER has yet again invested heavily in its Tübingen site, with the production area of the mechanical engineering division alone growing by a good 8,200 square meters. All in all, the company believes it is well equipped for the future of mechanical engineering.

In fact, ZELTWANGER recently set up an ultra-modern machine park on its newly acquired production space, one that few companies in Germany can match. For example, the impressive, 50-metric-ton DMU 210 µPrecision 5-axis high-precision milling machine has just gotten a new sister. Standing peacefully side by side, the two gantry milling machines are not just an imposing sight, they are also brimming with cutting-edge technology: “Although our second DMU machine doesn't have a μ-precision option, it does have a precision package that delivers a position tolerance of 8 µm across the full working range. Moreover, it also machines workpieces weighing up to eight metric tons with maximum precision and dynamics," Andreas Wodarz, Managing Director of ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau, points out, adding: "Both large machines support 5-axis simultaneous machining in one clamping process. What makes all the difference is the ingenious, fully comprehensive cooling system that encompasses all the relevant machine components. This ensures temperatures are stable, which underpins maximum component precision." If Tübingen is a bit too far off the beaten track, then HANNOVER MESSE 2019 offers the perfect opportunity to check out the company's prowess.