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Logistics 4.0

Digital logistics brings big advantages

Time-saving, fewer errors, and reduction of the physical burden on employees – these are the advantages that companies perceive in digital logistics. Purely analog concepts are clearly inadequate for future needs.

09 Aug. 2019
Digital logistics brings big advantages (Chart: Bitkom)

In a representative survey , the digital association Bitkom asked 514 companies with 50 or more employees about the biggest advantages of digital applications in logistics. Saving time came on top – by some distance – at 68%. Other benefits, according to the respondents, included better service for the end customer, less storage space required, lower costs, and falling demand for employees. Less traffic in urban areas and better food supply in rural areas were only mentioned by a small minority, by contrast. Bitkom president Achim Berg linked the presentation of the figures with a call to companies to place more emphasis on internal staff development. This is needed because the demand for trained employees with digital skills is increasing.

Logistics is crucial for the German economy. As reported by the Federal Logistics Association , it is the third-largest area of the economy in Germany, behind the automobile industry and retail. According to the Association, the sector increases the international competitiveness of German industry and export trade.