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cellcentric is developing a fuel cell system that meets the complex and special requirements of commercial vehicles in the heavy long-distance and heavy-duty sector. cellcentric's fuel cell systems enable high loading volumes and payloads as well as the required long-distance capability and flexibility by emitting zero emissions.

They keep trucks moving when there is no time to recharge – perfect for long distances and heavy loads and in parts of the world where charging options are limited.


cellcentric's goal is to become a leading global manufacturer of fuel cells and thus contribute to climate-neutral and sustainable transportation.

Future outlook

The EU's CO2 targets can only be achieved with a combination of battery electric (BEV) and fuel cell electric technology (FCEV). But this much is certain: To electrify all road transports will not work without the hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

However, the electromobility revolution and the achievement of the climate goals cannot be achieved by anyone acting alone. There is an obvious need for partnerships. In order to achieve the EU's rightly ambitious emissions targets, a nationwide network of electric charging and hydrogen filling stations is needed. However, building this network cannot be the responsibility of the private sector only. All actors, OEMs, Infrastructure and Fueling companies as well as Regulators and Policymakers are needed to create the right framework conditions.