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Could you briefly introduce your product and highlight its key features?

H-TEC SYSTEMS develops and manufactures innovative PEM electrolyzers and electrolysis stacks, enabling cost-effective, efficient and reliable production of green hydrogen.

The current product portfolio includes the ME450 electrolyzer, the proven turn-key solution for projects with an electrolysis capacity of 1-5 MW, and the Modular Hydrogen Platform (MHP), the scalable indoor solution for the industrial production of green hydrogen. Our electrolyzers convice with one of the leading PEM system efficiencies on the market, reliability and performance thanks to a unique commissioning and service offering as well as modularity and scalability.

To what extent does your product support sustainable production or industry, especially in the context of our guiding theme "Energizing a sustainable industry"?

Our electrolyzers produce green hydrogen exclusively with the help of renewable energy sources such as hydropower, solar and wind energy. In addition, the waste heat generated during electrolysis can be used to heat buildings, for example. Our vision is clearly defined: to avoid 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions through the use of our electrolyzers and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection and a better future for society.

How do you see the future of your product in relation to developments in the industry and the need for sustainable solutions?

We see the use of hydrogen mainly in the so-called "hard to abate" areas. In some sectors of industry, such as the cement, steel and glass industries, certain production processes cannot be directly electrified according to the current state of technology. On the other hand, hydrogen also plays a fundamental role in the mobility sector, particularly in heavy goods transportation, but also in shipping and aerospace.