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Could you briefly introduce your product and highlight its key features?

  • Bipolar plates and other components for electrolyzers and fuel cells
  • Features:
  • Precise metal forming, scalable up to large-scale production
  • Innovative seals, coatings and joining techniques
  • Wide range of materials from titanium to stainless steel and coated steels
  • To what extent does your product support sustainable production or industry, especially in the context of our guiding theme "Energizing a sustainable industry"?

  • Electrolysers and fuel cells play a crucial role in the production and use of green hydrogen. Our products play a decisive role in this, namely
  • High and stable quality (low waste during stack production, long service life) thanks to safe manufacturing processes
  • Low costs thanks to automotive mass production processes
  • How do you see the future of your product in relation to developments in the industry and the need for sustainable solutions?

  • Without green hydrogen, the energy transition will not succeed, as renewable energies require buffer storage and natural gas must be replaced by CO2-neutral gas in many manufacturing processes. We therefore see a very high demand for electrolyzers and therefore also for bipolar plates in the medium and long term.